Because we think if we're at the customer’s place.

We're a child company now, but we have vision to be best 'Customer Centric Company'. We wanted our customers should be 'Happy'. We deeply understand that 'business means people'.

Know our promise for every service offering from us.

Assured Warranty on Every repair

Sometimes, things don’t work the way you want and you need to call us back to fix the same issue. We really hate to see our customers having trouble with the same issue they contacted us previously. This does not mean that we are not enough qualified.

Hence, we offer a warranty on every repair. However, if something goes wrong, then? Relax, we will fix the issue for which you had given your device and no further question will be asked. Even, though in second attempt we failed to fix your issue, we will refund your amount without any question. Only visiting and dignosis charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

  • Minimum 7 days warranty
  • Free attempt during warranty period if issue occured
  • Warranty will not applicable if issue was occurred from customer due to misuse
  • No warranty applicable for Accident/Liquid/Exploide Damage
  • Free service within warranty period, out of warranty will be paid
  • Refund, if issue not resolved in second attempt*

Online Billing, Privacy and Payment Option

We strive continue to look for enhancing our online services and customer experience with us. We are working hard to take right measures to maintain your privacy. We will continue to add more payment option to make things more convenient and transparent.

  • E-Receipt - Request confirmation, Pickup Receipt and Online Invoice
  • Your personal information is always secured and shared with securely with our team
  • Multiple payment options for convinient
  • Service details and warranty in writen on invoice
  • No need to remember about service, We maintain all your details in our database

Superior Customer Experience

We will make sure that your every interaction with us should be delightful. We will continue to work towards to offer you our superior customer experience.

  • Dedicated & friendly support team to help you on Whatsapp, Email and Phone
  • Only experienced technicians, so nothing go wrong with your device

Price Match Policy

We're trying our best to offer you most competitive prices, However, if you think our offered prices are over the market rate? Just let us know and we will match the same for you. You just need to provide us local vendor paper bill or estimate cost.

Excess Price: Have we overcharged you for repairing your device? Hey, need not to worry! Just provide us the local vendor bill and will match the price. We will refund the excess amount without any further question.

  • We value your money spent on device
  • Excuse us for Online Price Comparision
  • You need to show paper bill or estimate cost within 5 calender days since repaired the device
  • Keep in mind that the facility, we offered for you same should be offered by the local vendor to eligible for excess price match policy. Vendor should be tax compliance
  • Provided information will be verified. Certain terms apply*

Benefits for repeat customer

We completely understand the trouble you faced previously and if a new issue arises for the same device you repaired from us. Get 10% guaranteed discount on your final bill. (The maximum discount amount will be Rs.200). Certain terms apply*.

  • New repair or Out of Warranty - 10% Discount
  • For new product, discount on Special service offers and you will be served under 'Express Repair'

Earn via Refer

We love to share our experiences and offers with friends & family. If you like our services share with your friends & family. Just use your SRN (Service request number printed on the Invoice) as reference code and we will offer an instant 10% discount to your referred buddy. (The maximum discount amount will be Rs.200). Certain terms apply*.

  • Help your friend to get best service in discounted price
  • Refer friend and we will serve him under 'Express Repair' - at no additional cost