Terms & Conditions

Mutual Agreement for Hardware Service offering
  1. We hereby agree to provide ‘Hardware Support Services’ to organization, secure2pc.com., India. On call/Visit basis to their customer.
  2. We understand that Secure2pc.Com is a neutral platform enabling connections between service seekers and service providers.
  3. For any reason we’re unable to attend service call/visit, we’ll promptly inform secure2pc.com's customer support team for rearrange or cancel service request.
  4. We would always recommend customer to take back-up of PC before starting troubleshooting.
  5. We agree with any misbehavior at service location will be attracting legal charges.
  6. We agree, will maintain 100% transparency in billing, Data privacy with customer/secure2pc.com.
  7. We would not directly deal with customer until and unless secure2pc.com or Customer request to do so. Passing direct contact number of business to customer and requesting them to interact directly for service is also out of policy of secure2pc.com., We understand that overruling this understanding will attract to discontinue of agreement.
  8. Secure2pc.com and its affiliates and licensors will not be liable for any claim, injury or damage arising in connection with your service offering to customer.
  9. You understand and agree that we make no warranties about the service seekers. While we would try our best to avoid any payment related issues, we cannot be held responsible for payments not being made by service seekers in any form, and we would not make any payments to service providers, in case service seekers fail to do so.
  10. You are solely responsible for your interactions with service seeker of the website. The service providers are agents of the company on contract, and the company is not an agent of the service providers.
  11. Any Service Payments paid in cash outside of the secure2pc.com Web Service are NOT subject to refunds.
  12. Any reimbursement expenses that are incurred by a secure2pc.com service provider in connection with the completion of a Service may, however, be paid in cash offline.
  13. You will be liable for all transaction taxes on the services provided under this Agreement (other than taxes based on secure2pc.com's income).
  14. In case you have a dispute with one or more other service seekers, you hereby release The Company/secure2pc.com, its directors, officers, employees, agents and consultants from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind or nature. Website or company would have no liability for any loss or damage incurring to you due to any communications or dealings with any of the service seekers, service providers, or other users on the web site.
  15. We would respect customer request towards hardware need and always suggest them to go for genuine products rather than cheap or low cost, we would also help customer to make their decision clear before they buy any cheap hardware product and will give them understanding about its warranty and service.
  16. Installing cheap and low cost hardware product and deceiving customer with notion that ‘installed one is genuine product’ will be punishable, in such case; we [vendor] would be responsible for any damage for data loss or any other PC problem arose owing to that and liable to pay compensation to customer. In such case secure2pc.com., will not be responsible for any such matter.
  17. We agree and guarantee that we would not install any Malware, or any malicious software that impact on Financially, Intellectual property, Data loss for customer’s computer and also will not do data stealing We understand that doing such activity on customers’ PC will attract legal charges and discontinue the contract.
  18. For any reason we would unable to continue the association and wanted to discontinue with undisclosed reason we would directly interact with secure2pc.com and request them to do so.
  19. We agree to pay commission for secure2pc.com., for attending service call for their customers, and will pay as per their billing circle and terms.
  20. We would be responsible to pay for payment invoiced by secure2pc.com., India. We understood for any reason we failed to pay Commission amount, would attract legal charges.
  21. We are allowing secure2pc.com., to discontinue this understanding agreement, if we’re not meeting their service quality terms.
  22. We agree that secure2pc.com reserve rights to amend terms and conditions time-by-time.