Internet Connection Issues and Outlook Setup Configuration, Wi-Fi Setup

Internet is one of the most reliable communication mediums known so far, but almost everyone at some point has a problem with their basic connection. Due to frequently changes in internet connection or new OS installation, you may require to again setup or diagnosis your internet connection. There are several problems for internet connections to go down. If you are having problem in connecting to internet or getting errors as Diagnose connection problems, Email connection problems, internet connection problem, Wi-fi setup, internet could not connect then you need to first check the cable connection or check with internet connection properties from control panel. Try to reestablish connection by enabling disabling active internet connection. If issue doesn’t resolve call up your ISP before you call to computer repair service provider.

If you are also having problem in email outlook then you can refer below basic troubleshooting to resolve your email and internet issue.

If you are having trouble connecting to your email server, the first thing you should do is check your underlying Internet connection, for example by surfing some web pages you haven't visited in awhile, to make sure it really is a problem with your email. If you are setting up your email application for the first time or have recently changed your configuration, then also double-check your configuration settings, especially the server names, email address, and user name, since this is the most common cause of email connection problems. It everything is set perfectly as per your ISP provider and still you are getting the problem to connect to internet then you should first check with your ISP.

If you need help in setting up your outlook then kindly check it out here Microsoft Outlook Configuration

You could learn how to resolve basic troubleshooting on internet connection for home., See video

Even though your ISP states and informs you about correction in internet connection setup but If you are still having problem in connecting to internet then it is always recommended to seek for professional service.

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