Laptop not turning on issues, how to fix startup problem

If your laptop is having following problem, Laptop is not turning on or start or fixing startup problem. Your laptop wont turn on but has power, your laptop turns on but the screen stays black then you can try following basic troubleshooting methods.

Do it yourself basic troubleshooting tip on how to fix computer not turning on issue? First of all you need to disconnect the AC adapter and remove the battery and then Hold down the power button for at least fifteen seconds. Without replacing the laptop battery, plug the AC adapter back into the laptop. Press the power button to turn on your laptop/reboot your laptop. Also check is there any problem with laptop power button broken or light is blinking or not.

If this method doesn’t resolve the problem then try second method, in this situation check the AC adapter. You can test the output voltage with a voltmeter. If you cannot do that, find a known good AC adapter and use it for testing the laptop. It is possible the laptop appears to be dead because the AC adapter is bad (and the battery is discharged). If you know that the AC adapter is working properly and it outputs correct voltage but the laptop is still dead, most likely you have a power issue on the motherboard (or power board on some laptops) and it has to be replaced. If you have to replace the AC adapter, make sure you use a correct one. The output voltage must be exactly the same as on the original adapter. The output amperage has to be the same as on the original adapter or higher, but not lower.

If above both steps doesn't work for you then you can try the third step as, test the laptop with an external monitor. If the external screen works fine but there is no video on the laptop LCD, most likely there is a problem inside the laptop display assembly or motherboard.

You can try basic troubleshooting, See Video

If your computer doesn't turning on and you continue to having this issue then it is always recommended to seek for professional service. Trying to repair the laptop without technical knowledge may damage your laptop and may cost you more. You can request home service for this problem.

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